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Through a personalized, hands-on approach, George Hickox has helped hunters and their dogs reach excellence in training for well over two decades. Beginning trainers have learned how to train their young dogs into truly praise worthy hunting companions.  More experienced trainers have learned how to bring their already seasoned hunting companions to even greater standards of excellence. Under George's guidance and with the help of his time-tested training methods, students are immersed in a comprehensive program covering all aspects of training the pointing, flushing, and retrieving breeds for upland hunting.

 Monticello Florida Training Facility and Classes

We have opened a new facility in Monticello, FL. The facility has blue ribbon kennels, pigeon coops, quail recall houses, and great training grounds.  We look forward to doing our winter training there in 2014.

In 2015 we will be conducting workshops at our new facility for owners with dogs that need hunting experience.  We have beautiful grounds where we have released quail where owners will hunt quail and develop the hunting skills for their dogs in a hunting environment.  These hunting workshops will be limited to four people at a time. This is a perfect opportunity for owners to get their dogs, and themselves, out of the winter weather and train, hunt, and advance their dog to a higher level.
We have a five day workshop scheduled to begin on Monday, February 16 and finish at the end of the day on Friday, February 20, 2015. In addition to the five day training and hunting program, there will be a ten day workshop starting Sunday, February 1 through Tuesday, February 10, 2015. This is truly an opportunity to become a knowledgeable trainer, learn advanced training methods and develop the dog to a high standard.  This is an investment not only for the current dog you have but for the dogs you will own in the future. 

We will also offer private clinics for individuals or groups subject to available dates in late January through February. The ten day clinic, the five day clinic, and private clinics will be designed to the individual dog’s level of training and the owner’s hunting requirements. There is no prerequisite for these programs. For dogs not yet exposed to hunting, birds, and the gun this is an ideal program to prepare the dogs for future advanced training. For dogs that have hunted, been exposed to birds, and conditioned to the sound of the gun the ample number of birds coupled with the ability to perform bird drills in a controlled situation is an ideal format for developing staunchness on point with no creeping, steady to wing and shot, backing, and handling in control and range.
The five day workshop will be $3,850 per person and the ten day will be $6,350 per person. There will be no limit to how many dogs you can bring with you to the clinic. Prices include lunch each day and kennel services. Kennel services will depend on space available with prior reservations. Information on local hotels and campgrounds will be provided.

Prices for private clinics and groups will depend on the length of the program and number of people attending. For more information and reservations please contact our PA office at 412-773-7310.

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